Pedal's Day

Spend the day with Pedal!

Well, not only did I pray to find a turtle like my childhood turtle one day, I also prayed to find another turtle so our Fred wasn't lonely. Almost a year to the date later my youngest daughter and I were out riding bikes. On the ride back almost home I saw something in the street. When I got closer looking down it was another turtle. This is where he gained his name, Pedal. Since we were on a bike with pedals, Pedal it was. We can pick him out from the slight little pedal looking mark on his under side on the lower left. See picture above. 

(the moment we found Pedal on our bike ride)

(meeting Fred for the first time)

Fred liked having a new friend once they settled in better together.

This little guy is knocking on 2 inches. He wasn't this big when we found him, but has grown a little.  

Look at his little feet trying to push away. 

Those eyes…

and nose…

Below are the pictures I posted to instagram the day we found him. 

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Can you tell Pedal is a baby compared to Fred?
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