DIY Polaroid Picture

Um… Yea, this paper cutter is really old. I'd say 15 years old. So it's grown up with both my kids which have left me nice little markings. Even signed my name on it. How nice! Cute memories…
Last year, I actually looked for a new paper cutter. Even purchased one off amazon, but I sent it back. It wasn't cutting it. Ha! I like my old cutter, markings and all!

DIY Polaroid Picture

What you will need:

a paper cutter/scissors 
a picture of your choice
mod podge
white paint

I first printed my picture from my computer on a sheet of thick 8.5 x 11 paper. The picture it's self is an 8 x 10. So I cut the edges of white away from the actual picture. This picture of the Statue of Liberty was actually taking by me this summer on our trip to New York. It was such a fun day exploring, view and hanging out with the Statue of Liberty. The weather was really nice which made for a great boat ride over to the island. Only trouble we had was my youngest daughter wasn't feeling well that day. Stomach cramps for half the day, not sure if her breakfast didn't settle well with her or what. 

After I printed the picture, I found a piece of cardboard. Using my paper cutter to trim the edges of the cardboard. Then, I painted the trimmed cardboard white. I used Mod Podge to glue the picture to the cardboard centering it up toward to top section on the piece of cardboard. Measuring is not a big cup of tea of mine. Most of my work is guess work, me gauging with my eye. The main goal is to make sure you have equal amounts of white cardboard on the top, left and right side. The bottom portion should be a larger space.

On the back side of the Polaroid picture, I made a simple hanger using quick grip, my go to glue, and craft lace. Simple! Fun! Easy!

Have you been to New York?
Have you seen the Statue of Liberty?
Do you like Polaroid Pictures?

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