Sammy's Day

Spend the day with Sammy!

Swiftly on a drive down my street days later after finding Pedal, I was coming home from Bible study. Not nearly half way down my hilly road I see something small in the road. Passing it, I pulled over with the clear notion it was another turtle. 

With the car in park, I promptly walked towards the turtle making sure no cars were coming. He was the most precious one of them all. Smaller then Fred or Pedal on their found date. 

This little guy rode home with me in my cup holder as I continued driving down my street. Some say be careful what you pray for and here I was finding a third turtle. 

(notice he acts the same turned over now as the day I found him-see picture further below)

Often, I pick one day there will be a giraffe with lions and tigers in my yard or near by in the neighborhood. Since living in our current house we've seen giant turtles, giant snakes, a fox, big pretty turkey's, tons of deer, a hawk, an owl and even an actual alligator in my driveway one day!    

How'd we come up with his name? Well, the area of the street he was found was close to a neighbors house who's name is Mr. Sammy. So, what better name. Sammy! 

Sammy is still the cutest of them all to me and still remains the smallest of all. 

(his ride home in my cup holder) 

(look how darn precious-the moment I found him)

He was so hot and dried up looking when I found him. I love those perfect circles at the top of his under shell. 

Can you believe I found a third turtle?
Which one is your favorite so far?

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