DIY Mustache

DIY Mustache 

What you will need:

a cardboard mustache 
black paint
craft lace

(see picture below for supplies I used)

Start by painting your cardboard mustache black. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby. You could easily trace one out on a piece of cardboard you might already have. Once it's painted black you are pretty much finished. Let it dry! 

Use your craft lace or any other type of string that will get the job done. That's one of my biggest things is to work on a clean cut budget making do with what I already have on hand to get the job done. Think outside the box in all cases while creating. Below you will see my glue and craft lace out. I simply laid a piece of the craft lace across the back side of the mustache from one hanger hole to another. Those two holes are intended to use two nail but this sista would have this project all messed up with one side higher than the other. That's something else when creating know your boundaries. It's okay if you're the girl like me that wouldn't get it straight. Work around it. You may be the girl or guy who can hang straight without a craft lace hook. Go for it! 

I leave you today with a mustache! Ha! I hope you're feeling inspire to create on a budget. May your day be jolly. Remember to always put God first! I encourage you today look up inspiring Bible verses. Read a few of them. This can be done on Pinterest or Google since we all love spending all this time on line. Let your spirit be lifted! Be reminded the word of God more importantly comes from the Bible it's self tho. 

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