DIY Painted Stick Collage

DIY Stick Collage 

What you will need:

a pile of sticks
paint brushes
heavy duty glue

First we started the process of collecting the sticks. Until I was able to lay them in the back of the John Deer out to my liking. I get an idea in my head and it's own. There's always that tweaking you have to do to shape things up to your liking. 

This project was totally inspire by the stick pictured above. My youngest daughter came inside with it one day. Finally, I instructed her to take it back out side. A day later why out by the pool I see the stick again. She took it out side alright. It was tossed right on top of the cypress ground cover around the pool. In that moment it hit me that stick could be used to make something. I continue the thought process. 

We were currently on a mission to make a wall collage in general in my youngest daughters bedroom. Thoughts of adding a stick collage to the wall collage just seemed right. As the stick collage was coming to life, I walked in her room one day jotting down all the colors I saw in her room. She shouted down the hall way, "I don't want" such and such color in the stick collage. I continued writing. 

I gathered my paints!

I painted each stick individually in a color scheme to my liking for her room. If you notice in the bucket above with the paint colors picked out, I didn't use all the colors. Once I started I just wasn't feeling all the colors, as well, trying to respected her wishes too. 

Because I had a few days in between painting and before glueing I placed the sticks down in the vase of my grandmothers. The colors sure gave a pop to the table. I considered painting more just for the table. But can assure you that hasn't happened yet!

Once painted, I tooled around with the idea of what color stick goes where. What pattern seemed natural? On below you will see I tooled around with what shape. 

The picture above is one of my favorite! It totally captures everything from a different angle. 

I played around with the sticks laying them out different ways before glueing them together. This gives you the idea that this project can really go any way. Pick the colors you like, paint the sticks and lay them out to your liking before gluing. Fun! Easy! Your own project! #savethecash #makeityourown 

This Stick Collage makes for a great piece of artwork on any wall alone or together with something else. Something you will learn from me, is I love to create on a budget! Having a family, raising two girls, you learn to capture what's already freely around you and make use of it! Think of it like this on this project, we brought the outside in. 

Can you pick which colors from the paint basket picture I didn't use?

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