Engine's Day

Spend the day with Engine!

Well, you're not going to believe this but Engine was found the afternoon Sammy was found. Once I got Sammy settle in at home I dashed off to pick my daughter up from school. It was on our ride home from school we found Engine. How on earth did my eyes find these little guys in the road. From there on out I just drove with my eyes closed. Not really, but I sure wanted to.

We should have named this guy peanuts. Look at his upper circles on his under shell. They look just like peanut shells. He was name by my daughter before I even got the chance to put the car in drive that day. She chose Engine since we were in the car with an engine. 

Engine's ranking in second place in size! 

So next year, I am not praying for another turtle, but I'll sure look for them. The turtle lodge is full here at The Murphy Lodge so I'd have to find them room and board else where. 

A look back:

Can you remember which turtle is the biggest?
Do you think I'll find more next turtle season, March or April?

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