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Most of us know October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know it's also Liver Cancer Awareness Month!? #isupportboth

 As a 14 year liver cancer survivor, I want to continue spreading the word because it's real. It touches the lives of real people. 

I created this journal page last October. 

Over the course of a few days I gathered as many things green possible.

Things I used:

Green stamp
Green owl
Green button
Green pens
Green markers
Green ribbon
Green scrap paper
Green scrap material
Green scrap ribbon
Green hearts
Green glitter

Ways you can support:

Wear a green hat
Wear green scrubs to work 
Tie a small green ribbon at your desk
Change your profile picture to green
Make a green wreath with scrap green material, ribbon ect. 
Write with a green pen
Use a green sharpie
If you support breast cancer awareness this month wear a green bracelet or put a small green ribbon on your pink shirt. #isupportboth
Paint your nails green 
Wear a green head band
Notice green
Use a green bookmarker
Use green eyeshadow 
Use green napkins and plates
Create a green journal page 
Chew green gum
Play I spy GREEN
Create a green board and pin anything green on Pinterest

In honor of Liver Cancer Awareness Month let's rock out the green! #october

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#isupportboth #breast #liver #cancerawareness #october 

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