DIY Mouse Pad

DIY Mouse Pad

What you will need:

a piece of cork board
a picture
paper cutter
glue/Mod Podge

We in recent weeks took a family trip to the beach. It's our tradition capturing a family picture one of the nights we are there. After reviewing the pictures taken, I edited them, printing one on a piece of card-stock. I'd been wanting a new mouse pad for some time. A book had been serving the purpose. Remebering I had a rolled up piece of cork-board from a previous project. 

I started the process by trimming the cork-board. Placing the picture on top of the cork-board as my guide. I knew I wanted equal amounts of cork board showing along side the picture on the finale mouse pad. Again, as I always say I went with what felt natural to me, to my liking. You may choose differently making it totally yours. 

Once the process of trimming the cork-board was complete, I begin glueing the back of the picture with Mod Podge to the cork-board. Then a heavy object on hand was place on top of the picture glued to the cork-board. This was done to assure a flat drying process. After the drying process, I begin the process of covering the picture itself with Mod Podge as a protective slick surface. The ink pigments in the picture did begin slightly to smear. Working fast with the Mod Podge, I was able to gain control with only slight smears only I would know about. In the end the Mod Podge made the colors pop bringing life to the mouse pad. A second coat of Mod Podge was applied on top of the picture to assure a smooth surface. Waiting a few minutes for drying between the two coats. 

Once the picture was dry, I place a piece of wax paper over the top of it. Then placing a heavy object, a box in picture above, on top of the entire mouse pad to assure the final product would dry flat. I used the wax paper to assure it wouldn't stick to the bottom of the heavy object. 

Here's the finished project at my desk right where I type all my blog post up for you!

I love the finished product and so glad to save the money on having one made. Having all the supplies on hand made this a near to nothing costly for me. I love projects like that. I am pretty tight when it comes to spending money. 

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