Thursday Turtles

This my friends here above is a clean turtle aquarium. Below is the unclean turtle aquarium, where we actually start todays journey, cleaning the turtles aquarium. Yuck, nasty, I know! (Be sure and see at the end of this post for a look back on Thursday Turtles-click on each one to look back)

Let the process begin, I start here with a net to fish out each turtle one by one. 

I place each one in a small clear plastic container. They climb over each other repeatedly to a settling stance waiting to see what's next. 

Using an old toothbrush, I lightly scrub their back to remove what amount of yuck I can. 

While they continue sitting in the container, I begin the process of dumping the water and washing the aquarium out. If you notice there are two rocks laying next to the aquarium. One is a floating rock, it's the big one, and the small one is a regular heavy rock. Both are removed and scrubbed down. 

I love to wipe the glass with a paper towel removing the water spots. 

Crystal clear, I start the process of putting water back into the aquarium. The aquarium is set back on the table on top of a black towel. I place the water hose into the aquarium slightly turning the water on. This process of putting water back into the aquarium doesn't take long at all. Usually I only fill it up half way. What does take a long time is the entire process start to finish and taking pictures of each step take even longer. 

Get me out of here!

Almost full!


They love when their water is clean. They swim for hours once they adjust to being back into the water. I did a video one day of them swimming around in clean water to my grandfather. He loved it!

A look back:

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