What we did yesterday

( I love cotton candy)

We spent the day yesterday at the Mississippi State Fair!

This was a family outing. We saw tons of people we knew. Ate lots of fair food. Rode as many rides as we could. Took pictures. Bought taffy. Listened to music. Pet animals. Got a free biscuit. Finishing the day up looking around in the Trademart Building. 

The weather was absolutely perfect. Fall just rolled in making for a 78 °F afternoon. 

I saw a trend of stuffed animals: minions, unicorns, raccoons…

"Could someone pass me a brush", said the guy above. 

"Everyone else is eating carrots, I'll just eat this sign", said the guy below.

Photographing animals has always been one of my all time favorites. Finding this free petting tent made for a great enjoyable funny at times shoot. 


(this guy was hilarious)

(that's the girls in the middle waving)

(touching the sun)

(one of my favorite rides as a kid)

(Me and my love on the sky scraper)

Great day to be a Murphy for sure! One of the last things we do each year is ride the sky scraper. #familytraditions 

(the girls)

Viewing from above…

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